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Spaces: Distinct Browsing Areas
Spaces: Distinct Browsing Areas

Create separate areas in Arc for Work, Hobbies, Personal life, or anything else.

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What are Spaces?

Spaces are distinct browsing areas in Arc, created to separate different contexts. Each Space has its own Pinned section, Unpinned section, Theme, and Icon.

Spaces are perfect for grouping tabs and files related to big areas of your life. They make it easier to get in the zone and pick up where you left off on a project, at work, or in your personal browsing.

How to create and switch Spaces

Click the Plus (+) icon at the bottom of the sidebar

  • To switch Spaces

    • Click on the Space’s icon at the bottom of the Sidebar

    • Two-finger swipe left or right in the Sidebar on your trackpad

    • Control-Space number (ex. 1, 2, etc)

    • Command-T and type the Space name

Common Space Examples

Use one or a combination of these examples!

Work & Personal

The most common organization structure we see is having two spaces: One for “Work” and the other for “Personal.”

It’s an obvious way to create boundaries and also just a nice way to clock out of work digitally.

Work Projects

Depending on your work, just a single Space for Work might not make sense. Another super common way to organize is to have Spaces for distinct projects.

That can be a super clear way to delineate tasks and also time manage.

Temporary Spaces

Don’t be afraid to use Spaces even for temporary things that require a lot of tabs and attention — like planning a trip, or organizing your taxes.

More on getting your Spaces together

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