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Folders: Stash Similar Tabs Together
Folders: Stash Similar Tabs Together

Use Folders to group like Tabs. Revisit whenever you're ready.

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What are Folders?

Folders allow you to keep related tabs together for a project, or organize links you want to check out later. Tabs in Folders do not Auto Archive.

You can also easily access tabs in your Folders without opening it. To do this you'll hover over the Folder title and either search for a tab or scroll through tab list shown in the preview. Then, once you select a tab, it will peek out under the closed Folder rather than unfurling the entire contents allowing you to easily access the active tab without cluttering up your Sidebar.

How to create a Folder

Click the Plus (+) icon at the bottom of the sidebar

To Delete, Move, or Rename Folders, right click on the folder title

Common Folder Use Cases

  • Articles, videos, or links to view later

  • Files or tabs for a particular project

  • Recipes you love and want to keep handy

  • Helpful blogs for a trip

  • Banking and billing sites you don't want to lose

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