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Pinned Tabs: Tabs you want to stick around
Pinned Tabs: Tabs you want to stick around

Pinned Tabs are easy to reach, saved sites in each Space.

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What are Pinned Tabs?

Pinned Tabs are tabs saved to particular Space. Pinned Tabs live in the top half of your sidebar, above the horizontal line. Pinned Tabs can be grouped into folders or exist on their own.

One major difference between Pinned and Unpinned Tabs is that Pinned Tabs never Auto Archive. You can read about Auto Archive here.

Pinned Tabs are a cross between an App and a Bookmark.

  • Pinned Tabs are like "Apps" in that they keep you contained within a specific site. If you pin the New York Times, for example, you can navigate anywhere on the New York Times website but clicking a link that would change the tab will open a Peek window, instead of replacing New York Times.

  • Pinned tabs are like Bookmarks in that you can get back to specific subpages of a site as well. If you pin a specific NYT article, for example, you can always get back to it by "Resetting" your Pinned Tab. You can Reset a Pinned Tab by clicking its icon, or by typing Command-T then "Reset Tab."

How to Pin a Tab

  • Drag a tab above the horizontal line in the Sidebar, to the Pinned Section

  • Type Command-T then "Pin Tab"

  • Hit Command-D

How to Unpin a Tab

  • Drag a tab below the horizontal line in the Sidebar, to the Unpinned Section

  • Type Command-T then "Unpin"

  • Hit Command-D

Common Pinned Tab Use Cases

  • Top Tabs you consistently need for a Space. For a work space, this might be your email, calendar, document editor(s), current project tabs. For a personal space, this might be your favorite news publication, social media site, streaming platform

  • "To-Do" Tabs that you want top of mind. For example, Pin that assignment you keep forgetting to do, or that bill you keep forgetting to pay, Unpin it once it's complete

  • For larger sets of Pinned Tabs, use Folders. For example, Pin your Favorite recipes in a Recipes folder, or all your in-progress docs to a Project Folder

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