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Extensions in Arc: How to Import, Add, & Open
Extensions in Arc: How to Import, Add, & Open

Arc has full extension support. Here's how

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Import Extensions from Your Old Browser

  • To Import Extensions from your old browser, go to Arc > Import from Another Browser.

  • This is eligible for Chrome, Brave, and Edge.

Add New Extensions

  • Hit Command-T and type Add Extension (see image below)

  • Go to Extension > Add Extension in the Mac Menu Bar.

Using Extensions

Use an installed extension by:

  • Clicking the Site Controls icon in the URL bar.

  • Holding Command & tapping E to cycle through your Extensions

  • Typing Command-T and then the Extension Name to immediately trigger your extension opening

Pinning Extensions

  • You can Pin an extension to make it visible in the URL bar at all times. To do this, click the ๐Ÿ“Œ icon next to any extension. Anytime you hover over the sidebar, Pinned Extensions will be in view and clickable.

  • To see even more pinned extensions, you can also show the Arc Toolbar for more URL space. (View > Show Toolbar)

Remove an Extension

To remove an extension:

  • Right click on the extension from Site Controls menu and select "Remove from Arc". The Site Controls menu is a button in the URL bar at the top of your sidebar.

  • You can also click "Manage" within the Extensions section of the Site Controls menu to toggle off an extension or access more extension settings.

Enable Extensions in Incognito

  • You can enable extensions in Incognito windows by navigating to arc://extensions, clicking 'Details' for the extension and toggling on 'Allow in Incognito'.

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