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Sync Arc Across Devices
Sync Arc Across Devices

Set up Arc on a second computer or an iPhone.

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Download Arc for Mac

  • You can use Arc on as many devices as you'd like!

  • Arc can be used on Mac, on MacOS Monterey or MacOS Ventura

  • You can check your OS version by going to Apple > About this Mac.

Sync Arc Across Devices - Mac

Please repeat these steps on each device:

  1. Update Arc (Arc → “Check for Updates...” from the Mac menu bar)

  2. Open Settings (Command-Comma)

  3. Check “Keep Sidebar in sync via iCloud”. If you see a pop up, select "Merge this device's sidebar with what's in iCloud"

  4. Restart Arc

  5. Keep Arc updated on the latest version to ensure devices stay in sync.

What Syncs between Devices?

When you turn on syncing, all your Spaces, Folders, and Tabs will Sync.

History, passwords, extensions, and Profiles will not Sync between devices. We hope to support syncing for these features soon!

Sync Arc to your iPhone

Follow instructions outlined in the Arc | Mobile Companion article here.

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