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Split View: View Multiple Tabs at Once
Split View: View Multiple Tabs at Once

Multitask without all the window and tab management. View up to 4 tabs in one view with Split View.

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What is Split View?

Split View allows you to combine multiple tabs into one view so you can multitask without all the extra clicks! When you create a split view, it becomes its own new tab in the sidebar that you can come back to later.

Enter Split View

There are a few ways to enter Split View

  • Drag and drop a tab from the sidebar into the middle of the screen

  • Type Command-T ... “Add Right Split”, “Add Left Split”, “Add Top Split” or “Add Bottom Split”.

  • Hit Control-Shift-Plus sign (+)

Exit Split View

  • Right Click on a Split Tab and select "Separate All Tabs"

  • Hit the X above either split view panel

  • Hit the X next to either Split View Tab in the Sidebar

Swap out Split View Panels

To change the URL of a split panel, just hit Command-L or edit the address bar on your current panel.

Master Your Multi-tasking

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