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Little Arc: Quick Lookups & Instant Triaging
Little Arc: Quick Lookups & Instant Triaging
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What is Little Arc?

Little Arc is a window that opens when you click a link from another desktop app (like Slack or iMessage). Little Arc gives you a quick way to open, view, and close a link without seeing all your other tabs. It also allows you to triage links you want to save by letting you move them into your Arc Sidebar.

You make a new search in Little Arc by hitting Command-Option-N from any app.

You can open an existing tab in your main window in a Little Arc window by holding Command-Option and clicking the tab.

As of version 1.12.0 you can have multiple Little Arc windows open at once.

Show All Little Arc Windows

Right click on your Arc App Icon in the Mac Dock and select "Show/Hide All Little Arc Windows".

Little Arc Windows will Archive Automatically

Open Little Arc Windows will archive automatically to help keep your desktop clear. By default, this is every 6 hours. You can change the Little Arc Auto Archive cadence in Arc > Settings. You can view all archive tabs by hitting CMD T and typing “View Archive”. Filter for Little Arc.

Move Little Arc Links into Your Sidebar

To move Little Arc Links into your sidebar, hit the "Open In" button at the top of the Little Arc Window.

For keyboard friendly navigation, hit Command-O to immediately open the link in your most recent Space, or Command-Option-O to open the link in a different Space.

How to Turn Off Little Arc

If you'd rather all links open in your Arc Sidebar, you can disable Little Arc completely. To do this, go to Arc > Preferences > Little Arc and uncheck the Little Arc boxes.

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