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Easels: Capture & Create
Easels: Capture & Create

Easels are like super powered whiteboards. Collect Captures from the internet and make them your own.

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What are Easels?

Easels are like super powered whiteboards. You can draw, write, or add images to them. Easels are for collecting your ideas as you browse the internet.

How to Create an Easel

There are a few ways to create a new Easel:

  • Hit Command-T and type "New Easel"

  • Hit Control-Shift-E

  • Hit the Plus Button at the bottom of the Sidebar and select New Easel

How to Capture to Easels

You can add web snippets to an Easel by taking a Capture.

Take a Capture by clicking the Site Control Center then selecting the Capture a portion of the page icon, or by hitting Command-T and typing "Capture" and then clicking and dragging a rectangle to capture a portion of your current webpage. Once you've taken a Capture you can add it to a new or existing Easel.

Where to find my Easels

New Easels will always open in a Pinned Tab in your current Space. If you Archive this Pinned Tab, you can find all your Easels at any time in the Arc Library. Just hit the Library Icon in the bottom left of your sidebar or hit Command-T and type "Library" and go to the "Easels & Notes" section to view all your Easels and Notes.

Easels can also be viewed (but not edited) in the Arc | Mobile Companion app. They can be found in any Space they are Pinned to.

Sharing Easels

Share Easels to friends or teammates by hitting the Share Icon in the bottom right corner of your Easel. You can Also export easels to PNG's by clicking the "Share Via.." button.

Easels are viewable on any browser, but can only be edited on Arc.

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