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Auto Archive: Clean as you go
Auto Archive: Clean as you go

Your Unpinned Tabs will Auto Archive at the cadence of your choice.

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What is Auto Archive?

In Arc, we Auto Archive idle Unpinned Tabs at the cadence of your choice. This gives you a fresh start and keeps your sidebar tidy.

View & Restore Archived Tabs

View Archived Tabs

To view the Archive, hit Command-T and type "View Archive."

Restore Archived Tabs

You can restore tabs by heading to the Archive (Command-T / View Archive) and hitting the un-archive icon next to any tab.

Adjust the Auto Archive Timing

By default, idle Unpinned Tabs archive every 12 hours. Viewing or clicking on a tab will always reset the timer!

You can adjust the timing in Settings > General in the Mac menu bar and selecting "Archive tabs after":

Clear the Archive

To remove all archived tabs at once, just right-click the Archive Tabs box in the Library and select "Clear Archive."

Auto Archive and Little Arc

As of Arc v1.19.1, Little Arc Windows now auto-archive every 6 hours by default. You can edit this setting in Arc > Settings > General.

You can view all archived tabs by hitting CMD T and typing "View Archive" then filter for Little Arc.

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