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Developer Mode: Instant Dev Tools
Developer Mode: Instant Dev Tools

Developer Mode enables robust and easy to access dev tools on any site.

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What is Developer Mode?

Developer Mode is a mode for your tab that offers the full url bar across the top of your window, developer shortcuts, and a different UI.

Entering Developer Mode also automatically installs the JSON Formatter extension for an easier reading experience.

How to Turn On / Off Developer Mode

Developer Mode turns on automatically for any localhost site!

You can manually turn on Developer Mode on any tab by:

  • Going to Site Settings in the URL Bar (under the Site Control Center icon) and checking on "Developer Mode"

  • Hitting Command-T then typing "Turn on Developer Mode"

Portrait Mode

Developer Mode includes a handy feature for taking pretty screenshots. Click the screenshot button in the toolbar (when in Developer Mode) or use CMD T... "Capture in Portrait Mode" to use it.

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