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Peek: Preview Sites From Pinned Tabs
Peek: Preview Sites From Pinned Tabs

Complete a quick task on your Pinned Tabs without disrupting flow.

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What is Peek

Peek is a convenient way to quickly preview links without leaving your current Pinned Tab.

Simply click on a new link from a Pinned or Favorited Tab, and Arc will automatically open that tab in Peek rather than as a new tab! You can then do a quick action on Peek, and then close it without interruption.

Open or Close a Peek

  • To open Peek in a new tab: Hit the expand button or Command-O.

  • To close Peek: Click outside the Peek window, hit the X button, or Command-W.

Turn off Peek in Arc

If you want links to always open in a New Tab and never open in Peek, you can turn Peek off.

To turn off Peek, head to Arc > Settings > Advanced > and uncheck "Open the Peek window when you click links to other sites."

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