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Site Search: Directly Search any Website
Site Search: Directly Search any Website

Search your favorite sites directly from Arc's Command Bar (⌘T).

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What is Site Search

Site Search allows you to directly search any website from within Arc's Command Bar (Command-T)!

Site Search removes the added step of going to a website's landing page (e.g., before making your search (e.g. "socks").

How to Add a Site for Site Search

Add a Custom Site

  1. Open Site Search settings by:

    • Hitting Command-T and typing "Site Search", or

    • Heading to arc://settings/searchEngines.

  2. Scroll to the "Site search" section and click "Add" (see image below).

  3. Add the site's info:

    • Search engine: this is a custom name for you to choose to easily identify the site. Choose the site's name, like "Twitter", "Youtube", "Amazon", etc

    • Shortcut: this is a custom shortcut of your choosing. This is the letter or symbol that you'll choose to summon Site Search. One or two letters works best so it's quick. For Youtube, a good one is "yt". For Twitter, try "tw". For Amazon, try "a".

    • URL with %s in place of query: this one requires precision! Go to the website of your choice and notice the query pattern on the URL.

      • Example:

        • If you go to Amazon and search for "socks", the URL will look something like this: ""

        • You'll notice that the URL before your search term (also called a query) is

        • Now, simply take that query and add %s as a placeholder!

        • The result is . This is what you'd put in the final field.

    • Hit Save and you're set!

How to Use Site Search

Once your Site Search has been added, you can start using it in Arc's Command bar (Command-T).

To use Site Search:

  1. Hit Command-T

  2. Enter the shortcut from the site you want to search

  3. Hit Tab

  4. Enter a search term for your site

  5. Hit Enter

Site Search Ideas!

Any site you search frequently is perfect! But, some of our team's favorites include:

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