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Take Arc on the go - with your iPhone!

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What is Arc | Mobile Companion?

The Arc companion app is a seamless way to take your Spaces and Tabs on the go on your iPhone; so you’re never without what you need - when you need it!

How do I install Arc | Mobile Companion?

  • Search for “Arc Mobile Companion” in the Apple App Store; or,

  • Click this link on your iPhone.

What versions are supported?

Arc | Mobile Companion is available on iOS 15 and iOS 16.

You can check your iPhone version by going to Settings > General > About and reviewing the iOS Version listed on the screen.

It requires an Arc desktop version of 0.95.0 or later.

You can check your Arc version (and update to the latest version) by going to Arc > Check for Updates… in the Mac menu bar.

How do I connect Arc | Mobile Companion to my desktop version of Arc?

At this time, Arc | Mobile Companion requires the use of iCloud syncing.

To activate this on your phone:

  • ensure that your iPhone has iCloud syncing on in Settings > Apple ID > iCloud

  • activate “iCloud Drive” within iCloud, if not already on

For desktop instructions, please see our Syncing article.

Please note: Arc | Mobile Companion will only sync if the iCloud account used on the iPhone matches the iCloud account used on the desktop computer. If you use Arc across different devices with different iCloud accounts, please ensure your phone is using the iCloud account you prefer to sync to.

Alternative methods of syncing are not available at this time.

What can I do with Arc | Mobile Companion?

  • Access existing tabs and Spaces from the desktop version

  • Conduct new searches

  • Pin new tabs and have them appear on the desktop version

    • Including links from other apps!

  • View your Easels and Notes

How do I share feedback or let you know about bugs in the Arc | Mobile Companion?

Within the app, select the Profile icon (an outline of a person, at the top right of the screen) and select the “Report a Bug” button. This will allow you to report any issues you are facing or share feedback about your experience.

Current Limitations:

  • Arc | Mobile Companion is not a full-fledged mobile browser, and cannot be set as your default browser on your iPhone

  • Favorites are not represented in the app at this time

  • Easels and Notes can't be edited

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