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Arc’s slow and using a lot of my device’s resources
Arc’s slow and using a lot of my device’s resources

Arc's using too much RAM/Memory/CPU, draining my battery, and/or causing my device to overheat. Websites and/or actions in Arc lag.

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Performance and stability are top priorities for us and we're working hard to push out fixes to make Arc faster and more reliable.

If you’re able to identify a specific action or process that directly causes or contributes to the issues you’re experiencing please send us an urgent bug report in Arc (Command-T > type “report bug”) and a trace.

Here’s how you send a trace:

  • Head to Help > Troubleshooting > Record Trace in the Mac Menu Bar.

  • In the box, give a quick description of what’s slow and select “15 seconds”, and “Start Tracing”

  • For the 15 second Trace, perform the action that feels most slow (e.g. switching tabs, loading a webpage, or scrolling). It’ll send us some diagnostics automatically.

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