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Clearing cookies, cache, and history in Arc
Clearing cookies, cache, and history in Arc
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How do I clear all of my browser cookies, cache, and / or history?

To clear your cache, cookies, and / or history in full or in part all you have to do is go to Arc > Settings > General > Clear Browsing Data.

Just make sure you select the Profile you want to do this in, if that’s applicable for you, or else you’ll clear out your data on another Profile where you might not want to!

How do I clear cookies and/or cache for one site?

To clear the cookies and / or cache for one site simply click the Site Control Center icon in the url bar at the top of your Sidebar > click the three dots at the bottom right of the Control Center > select “Clear Cookies” or “Clear Cache.”

If you want to clear both the cookies and cache for the same site, you’ll have to follow the steps above two times.

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