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How do I open a new Incognito window?
How do I open a new Incognito window?
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You can browse the web privately in Incognito mode.

You can open a new Incognito window by

  • Using the keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-N

  • From the Command Bar (Command-T) by typing “New Incognito Window”

  • By going to File > New Incognito Window in the Mac Menu Bar.

What happens when you browse in an Incognito window

  • Your Spaces, Pinned Tabs and Favorite Tabs are not available in an Incognito window. You cannot create Incognito window Spaces, Pinned Tabs or Favorited Tabs.

  • You cannot access your Archive or Boosts from the Incognito window Library, however you can access Media, Downloads, Easels and Notes.

  • Incognito sessions don't retain browsing history, cookies and site data, or information entered in forms.

  • Improved search suggestions are turned off

  • While in Incognito, sites can't use your cookies to see your browsing activity across different sites, for example, to personalize ads. Features on some sites may not work.

  • You can enable extensions in Incognito by navigating to arc://extensions, clicking 'Details' for the extension and toggling on 'Allow in Incognito'.

  • Your activity isn’t hidden from websites you go to, your employer or school, or your internet service provider.

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