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Share Spaces, Folders & Splits with Anyone
Share Spaces, Folders & Splits with Anyone

Quickly send one-time links to anything you've collected in Arc. These links can be viewed by anyone, on any browser.

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How to Share a Link to a Space, Folder or Split

First, copy your shareable Space, Folder, or Split View link

  • Share a Space

    • Hover over your Space's title and click the "Share" button.

    • Right-click on a Space's icon in the bottom of the sidebar and select "Share Space".

    • Hit CMD T and type "View Spaces" to share any Space, Folder or Split from the Library.

  • Share a Folder

    • Right-click on any Folder and click "Share Folder".

    • Hit the share icon when hovering over the Folder's Title.

    • Hit the share icon when viewing a Folder Preview.

  • Share a Split View

    • Right-click on any Split View and click "Share Split View".

    • Hover over the URL bar of a Split View and hit the share icon.

  • Share Selected Tabs

    • Multi Select any set of tabs (via shift + click), then right-click on the selection and select "Share Items".

Next, send that link to anyone on any browser

Once you have the shareable link in your clipboard, paste and send that link in an email, iMessage, DM, Tweet, etc!

Anyone who has access to the link will be able to view the contents.

  • Arc users with your link will be able to add your Space / Folder / Split directly to their sidebars.

  • Non-Arc users with your link will be able to view the Space / Folder / Split in an Arc-inspired layout.

This is what a Shared Arc Space looks like in Chrome. ⬇️

Important Notes about Shared Links

When you share a Space, Folder, or Split, it generates a link. Anyone with the link can view the contents of the Space, Folder or Split at the time of the link's creation.

Viewers won't automatically receive updates for any changes you make. For instance, if you share a Space link with a friend and subsequently add another tab to that Space, your friend won't see the new tab automatically. To ensure they can access the latest version of your space, you'll need to hit the "Share" button again and send the Space's new link with them.

Please be aware that once you share a link to a Space, it cannot be deleted, and the act of sharing it cannot be undone. We are actively working on link deletion for a future update.

Viewers must have their own access to any site or content that requires authentication. For example, if you share a link to an article behind a subscription paywall, the viewer will need to have their own subscription to access that article.

If you have created or been sent a shared link that requires deletion due to inappropriate content or privacy concerns, please reach out [email protected].

Share Quote

Highlighting text on any webpage now exposes a “Share Quote” option in the URL bar and right-click menu.

Clicking the Share Quote button now create and copies a custom hyperlink to your webpage, with an image that exposes the quote.

Send this in iMessage or Twitter for a link that calls out your specific quote.

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